Outreach and Education

Our outreach and education program will share the excitement of our science with the population of Aspen, Snowmass, and surrounding communities. Participation by as many physicists as possible is an essential element of this program - both to provide a variety of events and to inform our community of existing successful efforts nationwide. Snowmass Village will be showcasing our efforts by designating July 7 and 8 as Science Weekend.

New! Science weekend brochure available online: (front.jpg , back.jpg, brochure.pdf)

Coordinating Committee
Elizabeth Simmons (Chair)
Marjorie Bardeen Martin Berz  William Frazer
Evalyn Gates  Joey Huston Ronen Mir
Mel Month Deborah Roudebush Greg Snow
KenTaylor Jeffrey Wilkes Helen Quinn [CPEP liaison]
Program Elements

Teacher Workshops: Two week-long workshops for high-school teachers are planned. One is the annual Quarknet workshop which draws teachers from a national pool; this program is led by Marjorie Bardeen, Michael Barnett, Randy Ruchti and Keith Baker. The other is the SALTA workshop, which will focus on teaching local Colorado teachers about Cosmic Ray physics and equipping them to get their classes involved in current observation projects; this program is being organized by Greg Snow and Jeffrey Wilkes .

Student Workshops: A series of half-day hands-on programs for children and teenagers on interesting topics in HEP and other science areas. Many physicists already run events of this kind at their home institutions. We invite you to bring your program to Snowmass 2001! Register your workshop.

To sign your child up for these workshops please contact Brainteasers (Linda Froning, lfroning@rof.net) for week 1 or Camp Snowmass (Sue Way, sway@aspensnowmass.com) for weeks 1, 2, or 3.

Public Lectures: Presentations on HEP or other scientific topics for the general public.

Open-air talks: 30-minute presentations on topics ranging from the sky & weather (to particle physics will be held for the general public at outdoor locations on or near the Snowmass Mall.  If you are interested in giving a talk, please say so on the Outreach registration form.

Conversations with Children:  30-minute interactive discussions about scientific topics or careers in science will be arranged for small groups of elementary and middle-school children.  We invite you to hold such a discussion (small demonstrations are a plus!). Register your discussion.

Astronomy Program: Presentations on astronomy, complete with telescopes, are being planned for evenings at a location away from the lights of the Snowmass Mall.  A portable planetarium will (hopefully) allow some daytime events to be scheduled as well.  This portion of the program is being organized by Evalyn Gates.

Science Weekend: The weekend of July 7/8 is being advertised as a Science Weekend by Snowmass village. The activities will include:  Science On the Mall (large-scale demonstrations from SciTech, pieces of HEP detectors with volunteer docents, table-top demonstrations contributed by physicists), Virtual Science Fair (computer room open to public with volunteer docents guiding people to HEP web sites and interactive materials), Physics on Stage (performances by physics demonstration groups from universities/labs), public lectures in day and evening.  We invite you to contribute a table-top demonstration (contact Elizabeth Simmons)  or help with the Virtual Science Fair. Register for Science Weekend.

Outreach Discussions: Round-table discussion of outreach efforts at participants' home institutions. This is intended to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and program information.  It is currently scheduled for the evening of Monday, July 9.   Those interested in making a brief presentation should contact Elizabeth Simmons.

Please Join the Education Effort!

We are eager for as many physicists as possible to participate in the outreach and education efforts. Anyone who would be interested in contributing to any of the program elements mentioned above or in proposing an addition to the program is invited to contact Elizabeth Simmons right away.

Outreach and Education Sponsorship

Support for the Snowmass 2001 outreach and education program is being provided by the Division of Particles and Fields  and the Division of Physics of Beams of the American Physical Society, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations, University Research Association and by other public-spirited individuals and organizations.

 If you or your organization would like to sponsor outreach and education activities at Snowmass 2001, please contact Elizabeth Simmons or Chris Quigg.